Our corporate philosophy with each of clients .This inherent sincerity is rasflcted in our clint base. where groth and confidence have been its own reward.
40 years “hands-on” experince in the fild had made eastland a major force in human resource devlpmemnt and it has been achived with no ompromise in ferem of time or effort.
Eastland always belived in thire client’s need as its topmost priority. Nothing superaedes this- at time .

Office countrywide
Trade test Facilities
Exhaustive Databasws of Personnel
Complete follow-up Services and
Guaranteed Workforce
The copany offices are staffed by dynamic. Forward-thinking group of individuls who totaly understood the corparet phiilospy and all it entails.
With Modem offices and the latest in communication technology, our staff has themselves to deal with any contingncy immediately and effectively.
Faelland understands the need for a computerized environment in today’s wuld. They have their own EDP Department to synchromse its office network side and provide a very necessary databank for the thousands of personnel reglster.

Service Categories

Senior Engineers
Quality Surveyors
Junior Engineers
General Foreman
Production Controller
Trades Foreman
Plant Operators

Form Factory management to Labaurers

Consultant Specialist and Residential Doctors

BSC Nurse, Diploma Nurse

House keeping Staff

Heavy andlight duty drivers and Operator with Bangladesh Intdernational license

Welders, ASME , Grade 9 Fabricators / Erectors, HVAC, Technicians, Plumber, Mechanics, Electrician etc.