Manpower in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a more populate country. The area of Bangladesh is 1,47,570 Sq. Kms, and the population is about 140 Millions. But there is not so enough employments in Bangladesh according to this large population. Some peoples are always unemployed. These unemployed population are being trained up in several categories and trying to get a job in home or abroad. Some of them are doing job here with most successfully in Bangladesh and some of them are highly eager to job in abroad. Basically, Bangladesh is an Agricultural country. That means, the maximum peoples of Bangladesh work in village for cultivation. In present, there are many Factories, Industries and Constructive works are growing up in Bangladesh.

Now these peoples are working among these verities sectors and getting skill ness. After getting skill ness by the coordination from verities site they are getting ready to go abroad for job. Mostly the workers of Bangladesh are very laborious in all categories. Because, these large population are earning their livelihood by hard labour daily.