Chairman Message

Praising to the Almighty Allah who is the Creator of this whole creation of the Universe and peace and blessing be upon the Prophet Muhammad and His companies. We like to thank you very much for your kind interest to search information about us and our activities regarding Manpower supply from Bangladesh. We feel a great proudness for Eastland Network having years to years of experience in providence of Manpower at appropriate placement for the position of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled field in abroad with the well satisfaction of the employers. We have been keenly observing for the last several years that there has been a growing and increasing demand of skilled and unskilled work force particularly in the Gulf countries specially in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates as well

as because of their industrialization and national development activities. Regarding the above factor the employers of these countries now looking for a hard labourer’s traditional country, like Bangladesh. Because, Bangladeshi workers either skilled or unskilled are dedicated to their work by hard labour, maintaining obediency to the owner by honesty and religious afraidness. The employers generally prefer an organization who is fully professional for their jobs by experience and efficiency. Considering this matter, Eastland Network is like this one professional and efficient organization who always try its best to keep a good relation with the employer’s firm by accurate placement of Manpower as the employer’s demand

Eastland Network is fully equipped with all kind of modern communication facilities with a group of highly professional and dedicated executives and supporting staff who are always keen and render their best services for the greater interest of Overseas Employers. Eastland Network always try its best to supply the Manpower as early as the employer’s demand. In the selection period of the worker or technician, we always think that the employer is present here to choose their candidate though the employer is not present here. For this why, we like to assure our all well wishers and clients as our slogan – ‘Eastland Network, assurance of Solid & Swift Service’. And motto is ‘our first success job will bring the next job. Considering the whole circumstances, Eastland Network got Licence from The Ministry of Labour & Manpower Development of Bangladesh Government to recruit Manpower from Bangladesh to abroad. For this why, we are always alart to keep our goodwill with most most satisfaction of our valuable Clients and to safe our existence in the competitive Internationa Market. So, we are highly hopeful and will be grateful if you would remember us for your any kind of Manpower service from Bangladesh. Wishing your best success with the mercy of Almighty Allah.